Jimmy John’s Hours Near Me: Opening, Closing, and Holiday Hours

When searching for “Jimmy John’s hours near me,” it’s essential to have accurate and current information. Jimmy John’s, a prominent sandwich chain in the United States, is celebrated for its fresh, speedy service. This article aims to provide precise details on the operating hours of Jimmy John’s locations near you, ensuring you can plan your visit seamlessly.

Standard Jimmy John’s Hours Near Me

For those looking up “Jimmy John’s hours near me,” here’s a general guide to the standard operating hours. However, remember that specific hours can vary slightly by location:

  • Monday to Friday: Most Jimmy John’s locations near you are likely to open at 11:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM.
  • Saturday and Sunday: The weekend hours for Jimmy John’s near you typically mirror the weekday schedule, with stores opening at 11:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM.

Holiday Jimmy John’s Hours Near Me

If you’re searching for “Jimmy John’s holiday hours near me,” note that these hours may differ during major holidays. Here’s a general overview:

  • Thanksgiving Day: Closed
  • Christmas Day: Closed
  • New Year’s Day: Hours may vary by location
  • Easter Sunday: Hours may vary by location
  • Independence Day (4th of July): Generally regular hours

For other holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, it’s advisable to check the specific hours at your nearest Jimmy John’s location.

Finding Jimmy John’s Near Me: Location Details

To locate the nearest Jimmy John’s and confirm its specific hours, use this direct Google Maps link.

Jimmy John’s Contact Information

For more detailed information, you can contact your nearest Jimmy John’s location. The contact details vary by location, but you can start with:

About Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s, established in 1983, has become a go-to sandwich destination, known for its fresh ingredients and “Freaky Fast” delivery and service.

What Jimmy John’s Offers

At your local Jimmy John’s, you’ll find a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and sides. The menu includes “Originals,” “Favorites,” and the “Gargantuan” sandwich, along with vegetarian options and “Little Johns” for smaller appetites.

When you’re searching for “Jimmy John’s hours near me,” it’s not just about knowing when they open or close. It’s about understanding how these hours fit into your daily schedule. Jimmy John’s commitment to convenience is evident in their consistent operating hours. Whether you’re planning a quick lunch break on a weekday or arranging a casual dinner on the weekend, knowing that most locations open at 11:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM provides a reliable window for your meal planning.

The Importance of Knowing Holiday Hours

Holiday hours at Jimmy John’s are particularly important for those special days when cooking is the last thing on your mind. While Jimmy John’s is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, allowing their staff to spend time with family, they do have varied hours on other holidays like New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday. This information is crucial for those who rely on Jimmy John’s for their holiday meals or last-minute catering needs.

How to Ensure You Have the Most Accurate Hours

While this article provides a general guide, the best way to get the most accurate “Jimmy John’s hours near me” is to use their store locator on the official website or the mobile app. This tool not only gives you the exact operating hours of your nearest location but also provides real-time updates in case of any changes, especially during holidays or special events.

The Convenience of Jimmy John’s Delivery and Online Ordering

For those times when you can’t make it to the store, Jimmy John’s offers a convenient online ordering system and delivery service. This means you can enjoy their sandwiches from the comfort of your home or office, a perfect solution for busy days or impromptu gatherings. Their “Freaky Fast” delivery promise ensures that your order arrives promptly.

Unique Features of Jimmy John’s Menu

Jimmy John’s stands out not just for its hours and convenience, but also for its diverse menu. The “Little Johns” are a unique offering, providing a smaller version of their famous sandwiches, ideal for kids or those with a smaller appetite. Additionally, their commitment to freshness is evident in every item on the menu, from the freshly baked bread to the hand-sliced vegetables and all-natural meats.

Jimmy John’s FAQ

Q: What are the typical hours for Jimmy John’s near me? A: Most locations are open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday through Sunday.

Q: Does Jimmy John’s near me offer catering? A: Yes, catering services are available at most locations.

Q: Are vegetarian options available at my local Jimmy John’s? A: Yes, there are vegetarian sandwiches and wraps on the menu.

Q: Can I order from Jimmy John’s online? A: Yes, online ordering is available through their website or app.

Q: Is there a rewards program at Jimmy John’s? A: Yes, the Freaky Fast Rewards® program offers points towards free sandwiches and other benefits.

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