SI Mall Hours: Opening, Closing, and Holiday Hours

The Staten Island Mall, a premier shopping destination, is renowned for its extensive selection of over 200 specialty stores, offering everything from fashion to housewares. This mall stands out as the only regional shopping center in Staten Island, providing a unique shopping experience complemented by a variety of fast casual dining options. Ensuring you have the most accurate information, this article details the Staten Island Mall’s operating hours, including standard, holiday hours, and more.

Standard SI Mall Hours

The Staten Island Mall operates with specific hours for the convenience of its visitors. On weekdays (Monday through Friday), the mall opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM. During the weekend, the hours slightly adjust; on Saturday, the mall also operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, while on Sunday, the hours are reduced, with the mall opening at 11:00 AM and closing at 6:00 PM.

Holiday SI Mall Hours

The holiday season often brings about changes in operating hours. Below is a table detailing the Staten Island Mall’s hours during various public holidays:

New Year’s DayClosed
MLK Jr. DayStandard Hours
Presidents’ DayStandard Hours
Memorial DayStandard Hours
Independence DayStandard Hours
Labor DayStandard Hours
Columbus DayStandard Hours
Veterans DayStandard Hours
Christmas DayClosed
JuneteenthStandard Hours
Inauguration DayStandard Hours

Finding SI Mall: Location Details

For easy access to the Staten Island Mall, use this direct Google Maps link.

SI Mall Contact Information

For any inquiries or further information, you can contact the Staten Island Mall directly:

  • Phone Number: +1-718-761-6666
  • Website: Staten Island Mall
  • Address: 2655 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314

About SI Mall

The Staten Island Mall is not just a shopping center; it’s a community hub where fashion, entertainment, and dining converge. With a history of serving the Staten Island community, the mall has evolved into a must-visit destination, offering a diverse range of services, from high-end retail stores to engaging events and experiences.

What SI Mall Offers

The Staten Island Mall is a comprehensive shopping and entertainment complex. It offers a wide array of services and experiences, including:

  • Over 200 specialty stores featuring top brands in fashion, electronics, and home goods.
  • A variety of dining options to suit all tastes, from quick bites to sit-down meals.
  • Regular events and experiences, such as photography experiences and community discount programs, enhancing the shopping experience.

Unique Shopping Experience

The Staten Island Mall distinguishes itself by offering a unique shopping experience that caters to a diverse clientele. From high-end fashion boutiques to popular retail chains, the mall ensures that every visitor finds something to suit their taste and budget. The mall’s layout is designed for ease of navigation, making your shopping journey as convenient as possible. Seasonal displays and pop-up shops add a dynamic element to the mall’s atmosphere, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

Dining and Entertainment

Beyond shopping, the Staten Island Mall is a hub for dining and entertainment. The food court and standalone restaurants offer a wide range of culinary options, from quick snacks to full-service dining experiences. International cuisines and local favorites provide a taste for every palate. The mall also hosts entertainment options for all ages, including a state-of-the-art cinema, interactive experiences, and regular live events, making it a perfect spot for family outings or social gatherings.

Customer Services

Understanding the needs of its visitors, the Staten Island Mall offers a variety of customer services aimed at enhancing the shopping experience. These include complimentary Wi-Fi, ample parking spaces, stroller rentals, and a responsive customer service desk to assist with inquiries and provide mall directories. The mall also features comfortable seating areas and lounges where shoppers can take a break and relax.

Seasonal Events and Promotions

The Staten Island Mall comes alive with seasonal events and promotions that draw crowds from across the region. Holiday seasons are particularly festive, with decorations, themed events, and special promotions that add to the celebratory atmosphere. Whether it’s a Halloween Spooktacular, a Christmas Wonderland, or a Summer Sale Extravaganza, the mall ensures there’s always something exciting happening.

Fashion and Lifestyle Trends

As a trendsetter in the region, the Staten Island Mall is the go-to place for the latest in fashion and lifestyle. The mall hosts fashion shows, product launches, and meet-and-greets with designers, offering fashion enthusiasts a firsthand look at the latest trends. Beauty workshops, fitness pop-ups, and lifestyle seminars are also part of the mall’s offerings, providing a holistic approach to style and well-being.

Art and Culture

The Staten Island Mall also embraces art and culture, featuring installations and exhibits from local artists and cultural groups. These initiatives not only beautify the mall but also foster a sense of community and appreciation for the arts. Seasonal art fairs and craft markets allow local artisans to showcase their work, making the mall a center for cultural exchange.


Q: What are the standard operating hours of the Staten Island Mall? A: The mall operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekdays and Saturdays, and from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays.

Q: Are pets allowed in the Staten Island Mall? A: Service animals are welcome, but please check the mall’s policy for other pets.

Q: Is there a lost and found at the Staten Island Mall? A: Yes, for lost items, please contact mall security or the management office.

Q: Does the Staten Island Mall offer gift cards? A: Yes, the mall offers gift cards, perfect for any occasion.

By providing this comprehensive guide to the Staten Island Mall’s hours, we aim to enhance your shopping experience, ensuring you can plan your visit with confidence and ease.

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